Welcome to the Rancho 3M News Letters page. Here you can see the latest things the Lord has been doing at the Ranch, as well as, specific prayer requests. To subscribe to the News Letter, scroll down to the bottom of the page. For more updates on the Ranch, you can follow us on social media.

Beyond R3M

Dear Friend, Reaching Out Although the focus of the ministry at Rancho 3M is the at-risk and orphaned children who live here, there are extensions to that, such as the daily ministry at our Christian school, and occasionally an outreach event to our community. ...

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Growing Together

Dear Friend, Experiencing God's Gift of Friendship One of the joys of serving at Rancho 3M is witnessing how God works in the lives of His children.  Last summer, I shared in a newsletter that Leydi (pronounced Lady) put her faith in Christ and immediately began...

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Discipling the Next Generation

Wow - so much has happened since last month that I hardly know where to begin. Therefore, I will focus on something very important to us - discipleship. While of course we strive to raise all our children in the Lord, we have a particular burden for the...

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Janeth’s Story

Dear Friend, A Work in  Progress Thank you for partnering with us to rescue, care for, train up and disciple at-risk and orphaned children.   Each of our children has a unique and often heart-wrenching story, and each are in need of the healing touch of Jesus...

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R3M Joins the Orchestra!

Dear Friends, Expanding their horizons Something sobering we have learned from living in Mexico these twenty years, is that there are not nearly as many opportunities in life as there are in the U.S.  Therefore, besides an emphasis on discipleship, we are giving...

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