Josefina, Bianca and Angel were brought to us last year as a result of the violence in our area.

by | Apr 26, 2016

April 26, 2016

Dear Friends,

Thank you so much for your recent gift and/or prayers!  Through your partnership with us, God is providing a safe and joyful Christ-centered home for many at-risk and orphaned children.

Yesterday, my sons were recounting the many miracles the Lord has done here at Rancho 3M.   One huge on-going miracle has been God’s protection since the drug cartels began fighting here in 2009.  For years, our surrounding neighbors were being kidnapped, killed, and houses were being burned down all around us.  Despite this enormous daily danger, not one child, nor staff, nor visitor was harmed in any way!  Psalm 91 speaks of this.

But over the years, we have encountered many people outside of Rancho 3M who have been directly affected by this violence.  About a year ago a woman came to Rancho 3M to drop off her three youngest children.  Tragically, her oldest son had been killed in the drug war.  Her oldest daughter had intimate boy-friends in the mafia, which eventually became a threat to her life, and she had to flee the area.  This unmarried mother was selling corn in the street for a living while her other children were at home alone – and so she feared their lives were in danger.  Also, because of their extreme poverty, the children were often not able to attend school.

At Rancho 3M, these precious children received a safe place to call home and a happy environment where they could grow and learn. Josefina, the oldest of the three, quickly made friends with her out-going personality. She enjoys helping pick the ripe fruit and vegetables in the Rancho 3M garden. Bianca has a sweet disposition, and likes to share. She is smart and does very well in school; she also likes to draw and run. Angel is an active little boy, and since he has been at our Christian school, he has learned how to read well enough to be given his own Bible! God’s Word has the power to transform their lives – as it did mine!

Because of your faithful support, we are able to care for and disciple children like these – who are from at-risk situations and are in need of the life-changing Gospel of Jesus Christ. Thank you!!!

By His grace,

Dean Adamek
Executive Director, Rancho 3M

“Rescuing, caring for, training and discipling at-risk and orphaned children for the glory of God “