Janeth’s Story

by | Ene 22, 2019

Dear Friend,

A Work in  Progress

Thank you for partnering with us to rescue, care for, train up and disciple at-risk and orphaned children.   Each of our children has a unique and often heart-wrenching story, and each are in need of the healing touch of Jesus Christ.

I’d like to share one of those stories with you.  If you’ve been to Rancho 3M in the past six years you’ve probably met Janeth, who arrived at the Ranch as a little girl, and has since blossomed into an gentle and kind young woman whose father is the King of Kings.  We’ve asked her to share her story with you.  I hope it encourages you as it does us – all too often we don’t get to see the end of our children’s stories so when we do see the fruition of God’s work in our children’s hearts, it makes all the hard work, prayer and sacrifice worth it.  Unfortunately for the sake of space, I will have to summarize some of it.  It’s still a bit lengthy, but her story is well worth reading.

Janeth’s Story

Janeth’s father died when she was six years old, which was a devastating loss to her and the family.  Her mother, who was already mentally challenged, turned to alcohol and wandering the streets.  After years of instability and problems, her mother finally brought Janeth (age 9) and her older brother Julio Cesar (age 11 and also mentally challenged) to live at Rancho 3M.

Adapting to life at Rancho 3M was not a problem for Janeth because her two aunts, Tita and Norma (who due to her mental handicap is still here with us), already lived here for about 20 years, and she used to visit them.  Several people in Janeth’s family were born with mental disorders, so it amazes us to see how normal and intelligent Janeth turned out.

Janeth describes arriving at Rancho 3M, “The Ranch is a very beautiful place and full of blessings from God, but I did not believe that when I first arrived here …”

As with many of our children, Janeth struggled with bitterness towards her mom for not being able to care for her and her brother.  But God was working on her heart, day after day, year after year.  In her own words,  “My heart changed so much; I realized that God was with me all the time and that many people, who love God more than anything, gave and continue to give so many blessings to the Ranch without receiving anything in return… They saw we were missing the love of a family and having them near us every day.  They glorified God.  Through them, we were able to see this great and wonderful God.  Now, I know about God, and I know Him as my Father and Savior.  After living at the Ranch for six years, I realize that God has great plans for me.  I am very grateful that He opened my eyes to realize how wrong I was towards my family, and especially my mom.”

She tells of a staff couple who became her spiritual parents and made her feel a part of their family.  There is also an American couple who have a real heart for her as well.  Learning what it was to be loved and wanted unconditionally like this was a tremendous part of her healing and forgiving her biological family.  She says, “They loved me, and continue to, when I felt the most abandoned by my family – when my mom went years without seeing me or caring about me.”   Her mom lives five minutes away.

“But I came to know God, who showed me what it is to really forgive.  Now I am getting along very well with my mom and my family – I am not even bitter towards them.”   They even occasionally visit her and attend our church services.  Norma recently gave them a Bible.

“I give thanks to the true God, to the Ranch, and to those people who support me day after day – who really are there when I need them – for everything they do for me.  I am also very grateful because five months ago I had the opportunity to celebrate my Quinceañera  (a huge15th birthday ceremony and celebration) with the people who are dear to me… And now I have made the decision to get baptized because I feel that this is what God wants me to do, just like I feel that God wanted me to share how He changed my life and to share how my love for the Ranch continues to grow.

My life is still a work in progress by God, but a verse that helps me greatly is  Psalm 27:10, “For my father and my mother have forsaken me, but the LORD will take me in.”   It is my verse of hope and the one that I like the most because of what it has caused within me.”

Praise God for all he has done in Janeth’s life and in the lives of so many children here at Rancho 3M!

This ministry would not be able to keep going without faithful and generous friends like you.  Thank you!

By His Grace,

Dean Adamek

Executive Director, Rancho 3M